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What's The Difference?

One of the unique features of Sussex County’s rural setting is that we have a variety of water and waste-water options. It is not uncommon to become confused with who provides these services and how. Here is a quick comparison:


Services for sewer and/or water provided by a municipality such as the county or a town. Essentially, the municipality owns and operates the service. Your utility bill would come from the county or town directly.


Services provided by private companies such as Tidewater and Artesian. These are companies that own the infrastructure and manage the system. Usage rates are typically higher than a public entity.


In some locations, neither private nor public utilities are available. In such cases, an onsite solution is necessary. This can be an alarming thought if you are coming from an area where you have enjoyed the convenience of having utility service provided to you.

The water for an onsite system is delivered through a well. The wastewater is managed through a septic system located in the yard. There are several types of septic systems that vary in cost based on their complexity.

A site evaluation will determine what system is best suited for that specific site. The benefit of having an onsite system is that there are no ongoing costs for usage. However, regular maintenance is required to keep the system in good working order.

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