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Rethink the Beach

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Occasionally my father-in-law will tell me “we live in a paradise and we don’t even know it.” This is certainly a view that has been lost on me in the past and definitely not even on my radar when I am rushing through my day without a minute to spare. That was until my family and I re-located to the Delaware beach area.

Since our move to Lewes, I am constantly reminded of how much opportunity there is to enjoy the pleasures of our surroundings and how surprised I am with how much coastal living compliments our family lifestyle.

Of course, I am not talking to those who are wise enough to know this already, or even to those folks that are convinced that the beach lifestyle does not fit into their family story. I am talking to those that have never considered beach living or have ever wrestled with the idea but did not know if it could work.

So here is my pitch…whether you are single, a young couple/family or mature in your years, there is something here for everyone. From state parks to festivals to summers on the beach, there is more offered than you can possibly do. If you are able to work on your own terms, which so many of us increasingly are, or you don’t mind a longer than average commute, then you might just be able to experience a style of living that you didn’t even know you craved.

It is easy to talk about what the beach doesn’t offer, but it might surprise you to know that it covers many of the important things that we all think about before buying a home at the Delaware shore. For my wife and me, the quality of the schools was a high priority, so we were thrilled when we found out that Cape Henlopen is ranked as one of the highest achieving school districts in the state and consistently performs above the national average.

Some may be concerned that there are not enough jobs, but you will find more than just retail, recreation and restaurants. The University of Delaware and Delaware Tech both have campuses in the county, Beebe Hospital and Bayhealth support the healthcare services, and pharmaceutical manufacturing, poultry farming, textile milling and agricultural production are all within a 25 mile radius of the beach. Then, there are the primary and secondary jobs that support the booming home construction and land development industry to consider.

So what’s not to like? Good schools, good jobs, excellent year round activities and an opportunity to be reminded how close to paradise you are every day. I think I make a good case, so how about now rethinking the beach?

Nitan Soni

The Nitan Soni Group


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