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Real or Spiel – The Difference in Great Customer Service

My family and I were recently traveling through New Jersey and decided to stop at Ponzios diner to grab some food on the way home. The diner was busy as all NJ diners seem to be, but we were seated quickly and the server came right over to greet us. From the moment she introduced herself the service we received was the best that I can remember in a long time.

What made this particular experience so great and noteworthy? Well, she was attentive to our needs (and having a six year old we have many!). She was patient and friendly. But what really set her apart was how she went above and beyond to make the visit an exceptional one.

As we drove home it got me thinking about the service that I want to provide as a real estate agent. It is critically important to have every client look back at their experience and feel more than just satisfied; they should feel as though my service was superior. Of course mistakes are inevitable, but even then, the way in which we make the situation right can rescue a potentially bad experience.

So what is it that makes the difference between four yellow stars and five? I believe it hinges on making the experience personal. Having an expert level of knowledge or skill is a must, being able to communicate well is also a plus, but what separates the good from the great are those that focus on the little things that make the experience an individual one.

There is a custom that my wife and I started when we first began dating to help decide how much tip we should leave beyond the standard 15 percent. At the end of the meal, we ask each other a simple question, “Real or Spiel?” Did the server simply check off the boxes and stick to the script or did they connect with us in such a way that will have us talking about it on the car ride home?

More often than not, we get friendly and courteous service, but once in a while we get an experience like the one at Ponzios and it reminds us that there is another level of service not only to be had but also to be provided.

We live in a new era of consumer information where reviews, ratings and recommendations drive decisions in an instant. Whether we are buying toys for the kids or choosing a place to eat, we want to know the opinions of others before we make a judgment ourselves. No matter if we like this or not, it does set a new standard of expectation and those that fall short will be quickly left behind.

Whether we are selling cars or fixing kitchen sinks, our customers deserve more than just going through the motions. They deserve a service that goes above and beyond, and offers a personalized experience that you will want them to talk about. The days of spiel are over, and if we want to set ourselves apart, we better start getting real.

Nitan Soni

The Nitan Soni Group


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